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Arms Dealings
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AIDS in Africa
Female Circumcision
Hamilton Naki
Colour Prejudice


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Weapons in Africa

Arms Deal
In the 1980’s the Conservative MP’s didn’t just collect money in brown paper envelopes for asking questions, they did a lot of work to help their friends in the arms industry too. view more info

Our precious stones

Afgem based in Johannesburg has been mining tanzanite at its eight square kilometre block c site at Mererani 100 kilometres north east of Arusha, Tanzania since January 2000.. view more info

Forgotten Heros

Mr. Ally K Sykes
Ally Sykes – the Zulu who shook the colonial tree II
I had also been told by my colleague Theo Mushi a consultant editor with the Guardian LTD that Ally Sykes was the first Tanzania to run a jazz orchestra and to play live jazz in Dar es Salaam. As a jazz broadcaster and occasional writer on jazz, I, of course was anxious to meet this man… more Martin Luther King, Jr. said "that by the time we leave for work we have been dependent on half the world & modern America is created by dependencies on the inventions from the minds of Black folks" view more info

More controversial Documentaries which focus on the current affairs in Tanzania and Africa

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